Side guards and paint

Edward Keenan’s article in the Grid this week highlights the money side of the absurdities involved in our city’s refusal to protect citizens on bikes. Read it here.

Even if our City Council doesn’t care about people’s lives, they should look at his simple comments about the cost of safety. Keenan wrote:

“My family car contains close to $1,000 in child safety seats, which are required by law, in addition to about $1,000 worth of mandatory front-seat airbags and a couple of hundred dollars worth of seat-belt equipment. Just over a decade ago, all playground equipment in half of Toronto’s schools was torn out and replaced at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars per school because of safety concerns, even though there had never been a reported death or serious injury in a Toronto playground.”

Side guards cost about $600 per truck, which is, as he notes, less than the cost of the fuel it carries in its tank.

And bike lanes don’t cost much more than paint.

Let’s do all we can to support Peggy Nash in her advocacy for cyclist safety.

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