Rainy day

When I peered out over my cup of coffee this morning I saw the weather report was right. Rainy day. OK, a choice, do I take the TTC? Dufferin Bus to Bloor, subway to Bay.

The thought of another crowded ride on Toronto’s hopelessly underfunded, aging transit system is too bleak, bleaker even than this grey day.

So, onto my bike.

Harbord Street rain

I arrive damp and invigorated, mulling over yesterday’s budget announcement. Rob Ford inherited what the Toronto Star calls a “$139 million windfall from this year’s unexpectedly high revenues” but he’s decided to cook the books so it looks like his imaginary crisis is still threatening our well-being. His proposal includes

  • reduction of hours at some libraries
  • cutting funding to some 14,000 children and youth who take part in 58 student nutrition programs
  • hiring freeze for Toronto Police, Fire and EMS
  • closing 5 of the city’s 105 wading pools and two of the Toronto’s 59 outdoor pools

Oh, and I almost forgot, reduced service on buses and streetcars. Those who have no other options but the TTC will have to get used to waiting longer for more crowded rides on increasingly aging vehicles.

As Adam Vaughan said (quoted in the Star): “We have the mayor running around saying the sky is falling, and the money is there not only to provide the services Torontonians love — everything from sidewalk clearance to libraries to suburban bus routes — the budget shows there’s actually the resources available to build a better city.”




One response to “Rainy day

  • abigail pugh

    When a half hour uphill ride, in appalling traffic, is more appealing than the Dufferin bus, we know we’re in trouble. We’re are, quite evidently, in trouble. Toronto was the envy of North America ten years ago and today it has some of the worst sprawl, highest transit fares and the worst congestion. Torontonians still speak proudly (smugly?) of our ‘livability’ but it is under threat. What will it be next? Tuberculosis and child prostitution? Drive-by shootings and abandoned high rises? These sound like ‘other city’ problems but they will be ours if Ford and Harper’s agendas are unchecked.

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