Urban Repair Squad Strikes Again

Lloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0. From treehugger.com

You may not have heard of the Urban Repair Squad, but you may have seen their repairs.

Their mission statement is

  • To encourage bicycling as an antidote to the poison that is car culture.
  • To actively construct a positive future of what urban transportation could be by installing it NOW.
  • To encourage citizens to reclaim ownership and stewardship of their urban space.
  • To employ the concept of Critical Mass; encouraging cyclists to bond together and more safely take back their rightful place on the public roadways.
  • Your city is broken. Don’t wait for the bureaucrats to fix it.

The latest upgrade to our sad streets was performed at the site of Jenna Morrison’s death.

I can’t describe the Dundas & Sterling action better than Lloyd Alter of treehugger.com, so let me just refer you to what he has to say.

James Schwartz has also put up a very comprehensive article covering the latest bike lanes in Toronto on The Urban Country.

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