Planning a Route with BBBike @ Toronto

Normally, I don’t like to be told what route to take across the city. If it’s my daily commute, I’m a creature of habit, and cling almost superstitiously to my 4 or 5 standard variations on home – work – home. And if I’m going farther afield, I like to explore at random. But this little device has really captured my imagination.

BBBike @ Toronto announces itself as “your cycle journey planner! We’ll help you find a nice, safe and short bike route in Toronto and around.” And it’s true. Type in your location and destination, and it plots the bike-friendly route. First it lists a turn-by-turn cycling guide…

… then a map (note the elevation chart, so you can look forward to the up and downhills).

Then you set your preferences, and it modifies the route accordingly. was developed by two Berliner cyclists, Wolfram Schneider and Slaven Rezić …

Ah, Berlin, where they understand cycling. Speaking of which, I’ll be reporting from Berlin in May.

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