Ontario Bike Month: a note from Jonah Schein

Cycling at Queen’s Park
Last Monday, I introduced a Private Member’s Bill to declare June Ontario Bike Month. Cycling needs to be on the agenda at Queen’s Park, and I hope this bill starts a conversation that will help encourage active transportation and investment in cycling infrastructure, and strengthen laws to protect cyclists on Ontario roads.

It has now been over 600 days since the McGuinty Government promised that a provincial cycling strategy was on its way. As an urban rider, I know that cyclists are put in danger far too often on the road and that’s why we need to take action now.

Alongside the new bill, I’ve presented a petition that calls on the McGuinty Government to release a cycling strategy with funding commitments to help municipalities invest in active transportation. If you would like to circulate this petition to your friends and neighbours, send me a message and I’ll send you a copy.

I encourage you to get on your bike this month. If your tires are flat, drop by my office on St. Clair or Andrew Cash’s office on College St. for some free air.

Cycle and Celebrate the West Toronto Railpath
Join me on Saturday from 1pm to 3pm on the West Toronto Railpath to celebrate cycling and our community. I’m always happy to answer your questions about what we’re doing at Queen’s Park to improve cycling safety.

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