Cycling Sagacity in Saga City

Saga City

Saga City

It’s easy to think that the promotion of urban cycling is a matter that concerns cities and their downtown core alone. But the downtown struggle for complete streets and liveable cities is embedded within a larger history of town and country, small town and city, city and suburb. Toronto is a perfect illustration of how a large town surrounded by smaller towns turned into an urban centre surrounded by industrial parks and suburbs, choked by highways, swallowing up valuable farmland. Can this process be reversed in a way that improves the living quality of Torontonians?

Christian Savard of Vivre en Ville thinks that it can. All we need is a vision for the future, careful planning and good leadership. Under Savard’s inspiration, Luc Chamberland and Christian Petit have made a short film Saga City that beautifully points the way.

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