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Ghost Bike for Peter Cram

This morning there was a memorial ride for Peter Cram, who died last week, after getting a wheel stuck in a streetcar track at Queen and Dufferin. Peter Cram was the second cyclist to die in Toronto this year, under similar circumstances.

Ghost Bike for Peter Cram

Today’s Critical Mass ride, which starts at  Matt Cohen Park at Bloor and Spadina at 6:30 p.m, will also pay respects to our fellow cyclist.

One of the followers of Matt Galloway’s Metro Morning Facebook page posted this comment:

“I am mourning the cycling death of K’s high school teacher Peter Cram and terrified of the unsafe state for cyclists in Toronto. He was a teacher at Western Tech and an amazing guy. His students and colleagues are devastated. How many people have died or sustained serious injuries (i.e. brain injuries, lifelong disabilities to the hands, body, trauma) as a result of cycling in a city where it is extremely dangerous to do so, due to lack of safe cycling infrastructure? I work closely at Baycrest and OCAD U with cycling accident victims. Should we urge people to cycle when it is so dangerous? How can we demand change?”


I’m seeing more and more toddlers on walker-bikes these days. See my posting Nov 8, 2011.

Another alternative to training wheels is about to hit the market: The Gyrobike.

Other Cyclists II: Bike Boxes

They’re known as Advanced Stop Lines (ASL), or bike boxes, and they found their way from Europe to North America a few years ago. My route between home and work has seen the introduction of bike boxes in two intersections in the past year or so. What a great idea. Here’s the theory behind them…

Research in various European cities has shown that this simple device makes cycling considerably safer and reduces conflict between cyclists and motorists. But, they have to be used correctly. For once, when it comes to cycling safety, I have to put the blame squarely on my fellow cyclists. In Toronto, they just  refuse to use bike boxes. This is Spadina and Harbord, in theory…

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This is Spadina and Harbord in practice…

Bike box

The white blob on the right is my T-shirt. I’m the only cyclist in the bike box. Every time.

What’s going on?

My fellow-cyclists of Toronto, dare I try to read your minds? Canadian to the core, no-one wants to look impolite, aggressive or pushy. No-one wants to look like they are trying to get off first at the lights. So what do we do? Line up as if there were no such thing as a bike box.

Tall Bike

Posted with the kind permission of the nameless rider.