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Cycling style

Cyclists is Lincoln Clarkes’ latest collection of photographs, a stylish view on what it looks like to look good on a bicycle in Toronto. In her introduction to the book, Judith Tansley describes this project (in Clarkes’ words) as “sexed-up, environmentalistic, fashionesque portraiture, which is a subtle protest against the petro-chemical and automobile industries.”


A glance at these stunning, slick images tells you why. Watching the car ads on TV, you easily get the impression that people are at their best in automobiles. But watching the street through Clarkes’ camera lens, you realize that, for sheer style, beauty and grace, a person on a bicycle sure beats that quadrant of upper arm, shoulder and facial profile you see through a car window.

Clarkes is a Toronto-born and based photographer whose previous work includes Heroines, a photographic documentary of 400 addicted women in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, which won the 2003 Vancouver Book Award.

You can download Cyclists here – apparently this offer only holds for a limited period of time.