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Brompton Oratory Jacket

One of the prime reasons people give for not wanting to ride their bike to work is that cycling gear doesn’t gel with work culture. And how right they are. I always enjoy the site of someone cycling in a suit, but I don’t enjoy doing it myself. And spandex jumpers don’t win respect in meetings. So here’s a solution:

Brompton Oratory Jacket (and a Brompton Oratory folding bike)

This jacket, the Brompton Oratory Jacket, ┬áhas reflective strips that become visible when you fold the collar up, and a high visibility flap you can pull down the back. It’s made of water repellent cotton, pockets lined with bamboo weave.

You can’t get them in Toronto (though if you’re headed to Montreal, Dumoulin Bicyclettes has them), but they can be ordered online.

Next fall, I’ll be watching out for the Bay Street gentry on their folding bikes wearing Brompton jackets as they crowd the cars out of the inside lane of Queen Street on their way to work.