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Bikes outside restaurants

One of the pleasing aspects of cycling down Harbord Street is seeing the restaurants and Caf├ęs that make their cycling patrons feel welcome.

It’s not something to take for granted. Last night I had dinner at Acadia restaurant on Clinton Street.

A. and I pulled up on our bikes, locked them to the fence in front of the restaurant, and as we were entering, a wait staff came toward us and opened the door. I thought “Wow, welcoming place.” In fact, it was just to tell us not to lock our bikes on the fence. “Why?” I asked, “I could understand if there were tables in front and people were sitting here, but the whole area is vacant.” The reply was: “The boss doesn’t like it!”

Acadia Restaurant with Bicycle

A. convinced me not to complain, since we were there for a friend’s birthday party. So, I walked around the corner to College Street, found a vacant post, and came back to a meal which was actually pretty good. Good food (though not fabulous, and not quite up to the price), and knowledgeable, helpful wait staff.

Pity that the message sent to diners is DON’T arrive by bike! We don’t like cyclists here!

Back to Harbord Street. What a pleasure to find places like Terrazza with its innovative Bicycle Park.

Or the Sam James Coffee Bar