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City to Raise Fines for Blocking Bike Lanes

This just in from the city’s Cyclometer report. Now if only they start enforcing it!

Public Works and Infrastructure Committee Recommends $150 Fines for Motorists Illegally Stopping, Standing and Parking in Bicycle Lanes

On January 4, 2012, Public Works and Infrastructure Committee adopted a Transportation Services staff report which recommended that the fine for stopping, standing or parking in bicycle lanes be increased from $60 to $150.

The Transportation Services staff report responded to Council’s request to consider ways to alleviate traffic congestion caused by motorists and delivery vehicles obstructing traffic lanes and bicycle lanes during rush periods. The transportation report recommends that stopping, standing and parking fines be increased to $150 for motorists during rush periods and that the increased fines apply to bicycle lanes at all times of the day.

The report will be considered by City Council on February 6, 2012.